Inviting . . .

“Participants” refers to Friends of the Institute as well as people who have attended or will attend the Institute trainings.  This is a widely cast net!   The goal is to publicize activist and artistic projects, and create opportunities for Participants to learn about, and learn from, each other.

The geographies of surfing range over the world today; women and girls’ surfing often travels under the radar of what gets noticed, or publicized.  Getting the word out to others about a film, an important blog post, an action, or an organization, can do a lot to maintain movement building momentum.  It also archives materials that otherwise might not find public forums.

2015 Participants

Among this year’s Participants (featured in the side bar roster) are filmmakers, photographers, writers, activists, non-profit leaders, musicians, business people, professionals, grad students and university faculty, consultants, and culture workers.  Many participants combine these talents.

Improve your own livelihood letting others know about your work.  Inspire new activisms.

Please contact us if you would like to be a Participant.