Making Presentations/Skill Sharing  

The Institute is a living entity, meaning “it” is us – the women who make it up and whose thinking and energies and bonds sustain the project. So when any of us comes to the Institute, it’s important we each bring something to offer to others. Sometimes people underestimate what they have to offer others, women especially under-value what they already know and the work they do. So our time together offers a chance to notice and appreciate what we know, and to share it. This process of presenting what we know we call “Skill Shares.”

This page is meant to be informative and answer questions.  In practice Skill Shares are informal and fun.


Presentations should be between 5-15 minutes, and they should tell us the: who, what, where, and how, of your project, skill, or other resource.   We all hear all the presentations, there are no break out or smaller groups for Skill Shares.

Form:  Lots of forms will work well.  Poster presentations, stand up presentations, power points, music performance, art sharing, film/video sharing, hands-on instruction.

For videos, film clips, or other visuals: please load on a thumb drive.  Or email your materials to yourself so they are handy and we will go from there.

A sign-up sheet will be available for you to note the time you want (between 5-15 minutes) and title of your talk.


You can tell us about activist or artistic work in progress, share matters of scientific or cultural interest, or share a practical skill related to surfing (reading waves, equipment choice, ding repair, traveling with surfboards, treating injuries).

Or offer expertise about best practices in virtually any area. As examples:
— non-profits
— public speaking to promote a project
— effective social media, stylizing your brand
–effective response to male hostility or female competition in the line-up
— juggling surfing with raising children, having a job, or getting older and ageism
–building a group of women to support your project and support you
–report on a particular place and its local women’s history or eco-issue

Use imagination in thinking about what might be useful to a group – this list is suggestive only.